It was Central High School...with the cafetorium! Come with friends and family to the Boddy Manor, a place of secrets, mystery, and murder. Follow six blackmailed attendees at the dead of night to what they believe is the solution to their debt, but the party soon goes awry when murder is thrust upon them in the lounge. Was it Colonel Mustard with the Revolver in the Study? Perhaps it was Mrs. White with the rope in the Conservatory? See how it all goes down in CLUE on April 8-10.

The show stars James Talbert as WADSWORTH, Amanda Palmen as YVETTE, Tori Parrish as MISS SCARLET, Cori Wallace as MRS. PEACOCK, Vivian Dufek as MRS. WHITE, Wyatt Shaffer as COLONEL MUSTARD, Mason Dreyer as PROFESSOR PLUM, and Max Galton as MR. GREEN. There are 29 cast members and 48 crew members, led by our director, Michael Klimzak.

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