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Ava Weis *

I joined Drama Club freshman year and I was in costumes because at the time the only people I knew before high school were in costumes. Then I decided to try acting for the first time in "Pajama Game" and I had a lot of fun! Now I have been in the club all four years of high school. I also did management as well. I decided to join because I wanted to try something new. When I graduate, I plan on becoming a real estate agent after high school. My advice to new members is to not be afraid of going outside your comfort zone because then you will miss out on other opportunities.

Wyatt Shaffer *

I joined Drama Club freshman year as a little server in a Shakespearean play called Twelfth Night. I learned never to do a Shakespearean play ever again. I put many, many hours of my life into four amazing years of Drama Club. My favorite part of the club is that I can show up EVERY DAY AFTER SCHOOL FOR 3 HOURS and feel like I can completely be myself without having any self-conscious thoughts or feelings. In a place like high school, it's a welcomed release. My advice to new members is to not let the idea of embarrassment or insecurities hold you back. There is too much of that in our regular day-to-day life, so walk onto that stage with confidence and be yourself.

Jessica Bailey *

I joined Drama Club at the beginning of my junior year. I had always been curious about the club, but could never join because it conflicted with my crazy schedule. I finally had free time my junior year, so I thought, why not? This was one of the greatest choices I have ever made in high school. I have participated in other activities, and this is the place that made me feel the most welcome. Previously, I felt that I had to hide parts of myself in order to fit in, but here, I could open all my gates, knowing that nobody would judge me. The friends you make here are pretty great too! To anyone who is debating joining, just do it! You may be scared in the beginning, but I can guarantee you'll love it here.

James Shuemate

I joined Drama Club sophomore year and this will be my third year in the club. I am a cast member and decided to join because I wanted to become involved in after school activities and Drama Club looked fun. My favorite memories of the club all relate to Mr. Clark's off topic tangents. After high school, I plan on going to college. My advice to new members is to take time to value the moments you have with the people you care about.

Jadyn Eisenbraun

I joined Drama Club my sophomore year and this will be my third year in the club. I joined because a group of seniors wanted me to join crew as a sophomore. My favorite memory is probably during tech week for Hello Dolly at Wilmot. It was amazing to finally see the whole show, specifically the looks, come together. The hard work everyone puts in definitely pays off. I plan to attend a four year college after high school. I will be majoring in Physical Education. My advice to new members would be to never be afraid of giving suggestions and to just have fun and make as many friends as possible.

Delinna Juanez

I joined drama my sophomore year and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Although the years have had its ups and downs, I can say I have no regrets. The performing arts have been such a big part of my life, so much that I will be pursuing music after high school. Thank you to everyone that's been a part of my experience, and thank you for making these past 3 years so memorable. To new members, stick with the program no matter how time consuming it may be, I promise you will not regret it.

Ella Anderson

I joined crew in Drama Club sophomore year and have been involved for three years now. My favorite memory in the club is that during tech week, Izzy Jones and I would bring each other Caramel frappes from McDonald's. (not sponsored) After high school, I want to go to college and study to become a forensic psychologist.

Caroline DeGoey

I love Drama Club!

Adrienne Dority

I joined Drama Club in the second semester of my junior year for the play, Suite Surrender. I joined Drama Club because it looked fun and some of my friends, who were already in the club, pushed me to join crew with them. My favorite memory was when Oliver didn't get the que to leave the suite and stood there for 5 minutes during Suite Surrender. After highschool, I plan on attending a four year college and studying accounting.

Jacob Garoutte

I just joined Drama Club as a senior, so this will be my first year. I have always wanted to join Drama Club, but never had the time for it until now. My favorite part about the club is that everyone is always expressing their silly personalities. After high school, I will be going into the medical field at a nearby college. I have already enjoyed my time on paint team so much, and my advice to new members is be yourself, have fun, and join as soon as you can!

Jada Hockman

This is my first year in Drama Club and I am looking forward to being involved this year. I have been in choir and heard about the club and it sounded fun, so I decided to join. My favorite memory so far was the first day in paint crew, and seeing the designs for the sets. After high school, I am going to college in Virginia to become a Canine officer in the state of Virginia. 

Hannah Hoeft

I have been in Drama Club for about two years now, but I wish it was longer than that. I joined Drama Club because Ava Weis convinced me to; and I am so happy that I did. My favorite memories in the club are playing with hot glue in props and making new friends, along with feeling accepted. I will most likely go to college after high school, but I'll see where life takes me. To new members, join as soon as possible because you will not regret it. (I wish I joined sooner) Don't be afraid of talking to new people you don't know, because most likely they are just as scared as you are! Also everyone is kinda nerdy, so you'll be fine. 

Devin Laska

I joined Drama Club in the spring of 2022 and have been involved ever since. I chose to be a part of crew, which allowed me to express my love of theatre. I don't have a single favorite memory, but I always love watching the shows come together during production week. After I graduate, I will be attending UW Parkside. My advice for new members is to have fun and don't be afraid of taking risks. Highschool goes by really fast. Drama Club is a great place to try new things, develop new skills, and find community with people you wouldn't have met otherwise.

Maribel Munoz

I joined Drama Club during my freshman year. I have been in the club for four years. I have always loved drama from a young age, mostly being in crew. I participated in drama in 6th and 7th grade, but took a gap in 8th since there wasn't a drama program at my new school. If it wasn't for my good friend, JJ, telling me all the fun things of Central Drama Club, I wouldn't have known about it and joined. Some of my favorite memories are building in set freshman and sophomore year as well as joining tech. It was a lot of fun learning new things and I got to meet so many new friends. After high school, my plan is to attend UW Parkside for a bachelor degree in Theatre Arts and Technology Concentration. The only advice I would give to new members is to just let loose and be your true self because drama is kind of like a family. It does not matter if you are crew or cast, you'll always find new people to hang out with, and before you know it, you will become friends.

Zoey Prevett

I joined Drama Club my freshman year. I have been a cast member in the program all four years of high school. I have always had a passion for acting and singing, but my school did not offer any programs, so I never had the ability to do theatre or choir. My original plan freshman year was to play soccer, but then the announcements started advertising the spring musical, Pajama Game. The rest was history. My favorite memory from Drama Club was from Clue. During one of the shows, a cast member had a concussion and had to wear sunglasses. He decided to say he was hungover during the show to make the sunglasses make sense. The show was heavily ad-libbed and was the funniest night I've had during a show while I've been here. After high school, I plan to attend college and major in Forensic Psychology. If I were to give advice to any new members, I would say to make the most of every audition and rehearsal because everything you learn while you are here builds your character so much. 

Braeyah Upchurch

I love Drama Club! 

Aden Valerin

This is my FIRST and FINAL year at Central. Theatre has been in my life since middle school and I have always loved the performance arts. I have been in both the cast and crew at my previous school. My previous shows have been The Marvelous Wonderettes (Friend of Betty Jean/Ensemble), Murder on the 518 (Hair and Makeup Crew), and Grease (Grease Lightning Teens/Ensemble) at Union Grove High. It is an honor to perform on a new stage with new faces and new talent. Thank you Kroes for believing in me, pushing me, and supporting me. Thank you Clark for showing me what more I can do and giving me more room for growth.

Hayley Weathersby

I just joined Drama Club this year to meet new people and make the most out of my senior year. I am a crew member and was forced to join by my sister. I do not have a favorite memory of Drama Club yet, but look forward to making them this year. I plan on going to a four year college after high school. I will be majoring in Marketing with an interest in Digital Marketing. My advice for new members is to not be afraid to be outgoing and meet new people.

Payton Weathersby

 I joined Drama Club my sophomore year. I decided to join because I wanted something fun to do and drama seemed the most interesting. I've only been part of the props team and have enjoyed most of my time there. It can be very demanding at times, but it's very rewarding to see all the props I've created on stage. My favorite production was Hello Dolly because we had to make most of the hats that the ensemble wore. It was fun making colorful hats with flowers and ribbons out of simple tan sun hats. Drama club can be stressful occasionally, but if you work hard in your group you can have a fun time and make new friends. After high school, I plan on going to a 4-year college for a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management.

Adin Whetstone

I joined Drama Club freshman year and have been on the tech team for all four years of high school. I enjoyed being on the tech team in my middle school's drama program, so I decided to join in high school as well. The closing shows of every production we have had here have produced my favorite memories. After high school, I will be in the US Marine Corps. My advice for new members is to go above and beyond, don't sit around on your phone, and listen to all things your leads say.

Ash Sanchez 

I joined Drama my sophomore year and I have been doing drama ever since. I am a crew member, who was always Interested in theatre. I also felt that I needed to get away from the house and wanted to explore who I am. My favorite memory is the first meetings we have every year and seeing my group get together. Each year, the excitement returns knowing that we will be able to work together again. After high school, I'm going to Gateway, where I will study Marketing and Sales. New members: Please join a club or a sport. It's a lot of fun and if you are shy this can/will help you open up and make friends. Don't be scared to show who you are. If you don't stay in drama, still find a sport or club that you love and will stick with. I promise it's worth it.

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