When new superintendent Sid Sorokin joins the ranks at the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory, he steps into the middle of a labor dispute over a seven and a half-cent pay raise. As the workers threaten to strike, Sid finds himself falling for prideful Babe Williams, the leader of the dispute. All the while, stingy factory president Mr. Hasler may be hiding a secret that can put an end to the strike. Set in 1955, this relatable workplace comedy features hit songs, entertaining dance numbers, and one comic turn after another.

The show stars Mason Dreyer as Sid Sorokin, Aly Wolf as Babe Williams, James Talbert as Myron Hasler, Jimmy Vineyard as Prez, Savannah Fisher as Gladys, Joey Sullivan as Hines, Hannah Zimmerman as Mabel, and Grace Henningfield as Mae. The show features 32 total cast members, 25 crew members, and 3 production managers, with a total of 60 company members.