Written by William Shakespeare in 1623, Twelfth Night is a poetic comedy that Westosha Central has put it's own spin on. The show is full of Shakespearean dialect, supported by deliciously dramatic acting. The difficult language poses a challenge that brought out the best of our cast, and the difficulties of a show during COVID-19 brought out the best of our crew. 

The show stars Noah Dufek, Madison Sheen, Alena Ekornas, Mason Dreyer, Kiley Kennedy, Aly Wolf, Max Galton and Stephanie Mickelson, and was undoubtedly be a hilarious return of Westosha Central Drama.


Eleventh Night: Saving Twelfth Night is a comedic promotional film written by Stephanie Mickelson and James Talbert in order to inform drama club fans on the inevitable postponement of the production. It was filmed on the popular social media TikTok, and was edited together to create a comprehensive eight minute film uploaded onto YouTube, The film stars drama members Stephanie Mickelson, James Talbert, Jimmy Vineyard, J Lofty, Isabelle Brenton, Taylor Parrish, Tori Parrish, Noah Dufek, Vivian Dufek, Emma Klinesmith, and drama alum Grant Thomas. 



"Covid-19 caused the makeup and hair team many problems. A interesting situation I never thought I'd be in, was teaching boys how to put on eyeliner. I remember one of the actors started tearing up out of frustration, so us girls taught him how to look up and fan his eyes so the makeup wouldn't run. We had taught them how to do their makeup to social distance better. Makeup and hair trouble shooted how we were supposed to give the characters a makeup look while they also wore masks. So, why not paint on the masks with the actor's makeup? This took us weeks to customize every cast members mask to their face. We awkwardly did this by tracing their facial features while they wore the mask for the best accuracy."

Priya Kurszewski

Hair and Makeup

"Click here and start typing. Beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut."

Juliette Lofty


"Click here and start typing. Voluptas nulla pariatur at vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis."

Noah Dufek